June 8, 2017

Using glass flooring is an exciting contemporary interior design trend that brings beautiful and decorative elements into modern homes.

The utilization of glass is becoming more and more popular in residential designs that incorporates aesthetically pleasing material and eco-friendly products.

Glass floors open home interiors bringing the natural light inside. It can create lightness and connection with the surrounding areas of the home interior.

Glass flooring is strong, durable and resistant to dynamic loads.

A clear glass floor can impress with its transparency and is a fabulous architectural element and decorative accent connecting a room with outdoor spaces or uniting home interiors with light traveling vertically through the floor.

Glass floors are practical, functional, unusual and very decorative. Glass floor designs are waterproof, easy to clean and do not stain or harbor bacteria.

With glass floors you can bring daylight to the darkest parts of your home and turn dark interiors into bright spaces.

Glass floors present a great design tool to refresh interior decor giving it a completely different look.

Here are three ways you can use glass flooring in your home.

1. Walk on Roof Skylight

Not only is it an eye-catching design feature that can instantly set your rooftop apart, but it also provides additional light to any room or hallway that sits below the rooftop terrace.

2. Floor Panels

Using glass as second story flooring panels is the trendy way to bring a modern look to your home. It is a clever way to bring natural lighting to the floor below.

Combining wood and glass flooring enhances the beauty and dramatizes the beauty of the glass.

3. Glass Stairs

Glass staircases can add extra elegance to your home or office. The sleek and clean lines of a glass staircase turns heads and can act as a focal point in your home or business.

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