July 19, 2017

Long gone are the days when glass was only used for bookcases doors and shelves.  Today glass can be utilized to decorate your home or office creating looks of sophistication and allure that while separating other decorative areas apart.

Want to make an entry area look larger?

Adding a simple glass entry table with just a minimal frame would can be a great accent to any entryway hall.

Entries ways can feel crowded when to may pieces such as a coat rack, mirrors, entry table or plants that tend to intrude upon in that area. Keeping it simple in the entryway provides an air of elegance.

The appeal of a glass tabletop

An intriguing glass tabletop displayed in a kitchen, dining room or a boardroom can make for a great conversation piece or  showstoppe

What better way to showcase a room than with a transparent dining glass table with an interesting base. It is especially beautiful in a breakfast nook that allows a more airy look and feel.


The magnetism combining white and glass

Using crisp white accents can make a smaller room look more spacious when a glass wall or large mirror is incorporated into the decor.

Add a cracked glass dining table with fascinating detail to take the room to the next level of sophistication.

A cantilevered glass extension to a kitchen island itself can create remarkable and stunning design to any kitchen.

The possibilities are endless with new and exciting design options when using glass for the home to the office.