August 17, 2017

Laminated glass is commonly used as a safety glass when security and injury are of concern.

Laminated glass is harder to break and offers greater protection against accidental injury, attempted break-ins, and severe weather conditions. In some geographical regions hurricane resistant construction is required for safety concerns.

There is a bond between the glass and interlayer to absorb the force of accidental impact that is able to resist breakage. The beauty of laminated glass is that if the glass breaks, the shards remain stuck to the interlayer rather than breaking apart and causing harm to an individual.

From a security standpoint if someone attempts to break in through a laminated glass window, it would take at least two good swings from a hammer to break the glass. The interlayer would hold the broken glass in place, which would take more time and effort with repeated blows to create a hole to gain entry to a home or office.

There are also other benefits of using laminated glass.

Being that it is a durable and versatile glazing material, laminated glass provides better protection against UV rays. Laminated glass serves as a guard for delicate plants, fabrics, carpets and furniture from fading.

Noise gains the easiest entry to homes and buildings through windows.  The usage of laminated glass has been proven to be an excellent barrier in reducing unwanted noise and sound.

Utilizing laminated glass in office workspaces can reduce stress and enhance creativity with  open natural day light poring through the windows.

Using heat and light stable pigments there is an unlimited color range when combined with tinted glass and coatings. Using colored laminated glass can brighten up any work area or section off different areas of an office all the while being very easy to maintain.

Laminated glass can help to reduce heat gain from sunlight and ultimately reducing air conditioning costs.

The most important benefit of laminated glass is the security aspect of the product, but what makes this material unique are the other aspects of how the glass can be utilized to improve the environment in which we live.