May 1, 2017

Our homes are built with many different materials and glass is usually one of them. Glass can come in several forms from glazing, to counter tops and decorative walls. Whether you enjoy using glass to bring in the morning sun, or many other purposes, glass can be overlooked when customizing home interiors.

Here are a few different tips in using glass to brighten your home.

Reflectivity and light

The number one interior design tip is the presence of light. Light helps to make a room feel larger, more comfortable and more natural.

The beauty of glass is that it brings in light naturally to your home. Glass can also be designed to obscure, brighten and enhance views.

Glass is a miracle worker for reflecting light and illuminating surfaces.

Furnishing with glass

Tables, chairs, mirrors….. the list is endless of glass furnishings that we love.

Glass tabletops in dining rooms and home offices offer a sophistication and executive styling to your interior.

Pairing glass with wood, leather or metals can bring an urban industrial aesthetic look to an interior.

The uniqueness of glass

Modern home interiors are implementing glass in unique applications. Glass counter tops in the kitchen or a glass wall in the bathroom are just a couple of examples.

Adding glass to your wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms produces a sleek and modern look to a home interior.

Consider glass as a divider wall between the master bedroom and bathroom. Glass blocks allow light to pore through while providing ample privacy.

Glass used as exterior material

In early architecture and interiors, glass was solely used as punched openings in walls to let the light in to have a visual connection to the outdoor world. Today, the use of glass on the exterior sheathing is popular especially in high-rise commercial buildings.

The application of wide expansive glass and glass furniture interiors will transform the outdoors inside.

Think creatively

The best part about glass is that there are very few limits. Heat and cold variations are the most notable features that need to be thought of when using glass in your interior. Glass has been used in minimalist areas to bring a sense of light and airiness to a space.

Using glass in small or large quantities your space will benefit either way.

Glass provides an avenue to brighten your home from reflective glass mosaic tiles used as a kitchen backsplash to glass block stepping stones in your front entry, glass is a material that is here to stay.