June 4, 2018

If you are looking to hire a company for a glass fabrication design project, you may be wondering where to start. We have listed some tips and tools to help you choose the best glass company.

If you are a designer in charge of a project, small to large, you understand how important it is to choose a glass company that you can trust.

It takes years for a company to build a strong foundation in order to produce a solid reputation in the glass manufacturing industry. The longer a company has been running the better. This usually means they know how to run a business well and take care of their customers.

Ask about certifications the company has maintained within the glass industry. Are they certified to produce the specific product you need? Are they certified by the SGCC (Safety Glass Certification Council)?

Ask to speak with past designers who will provide you with more insight on the satisfaction and quality of the work they produce as well as the timeliness of the work that was manufactured?

What kind of glass machinery does the company use? Ensure that you choose the outfit that has cutting edge glass technology to produce exacting standards for your project. Precision is key to exceeding expectations within the scope of any glass fabrication product.

TBM Glass has a long tradition of excellence in the glass fabrication industry. Our rich history began in 1940 and was involved the creation of the old Los Angeles skyline by servicing the high-rise glass installation trade.

TBM’s architectural division has evolved to become recognized throughout the industry for our consistent quality and impeccable finish work.