May 1, 2017

Glass is everywhere from our homes, office spaces and even consumer products. Transport vehicles have glass windows and furniture can be made using glass too.

Glass used to play a part in just windows, but is now being utilized as a material in building furniture, walls, doors, gates and partitions. Modern architecture is making great use of glass today.

Using glass in architecture has several advantages. Glass is utilized in windows to allow natural light to enter the house. Because of the benefits of light, it has led to the idea behind applying glass materials in wall construction.

The use of energy is reduced by not lighting enclosed structures every morning. They are also a bad conductor of heat meaning that air conditioning systems do have to function more in order to keep an area fully cool.

Aside from being energy efficient, the external architectural view provides decorative and stunning design.

Architects today demonstrate their creativity by taking advantage of the different pattern and colors of glass. There are toughened and laminated glass, which is suitable for the interior because of the strength and safety of the material.

House interiors turn out stylish and elegant when using transparent materials that glass provides.

A glass staircase can serve as a spectacular focal point of a home for example. Transparent partitions do not only save space, but also allow light to infiltrate from every corner of the home or office.

Glass is proving to the basis of creativity and aesthetics in modern architecture. It provides versatility, durability and a scratch resistant property, and that is why architects and building owners choose glass.

With the continued advancement in glass designs, more unimaginable applications in glass can be expected.