December 11, 2017

For many years we have seen glass front cabinets in kitchen and bar areas. Glass fronts brighten a kitchen in which no other material can compete. And, what better way to add color to a kitchen or bar area than to decorate with colorful pieces or your favorite crystal inside of your glass cabinetry.

Do you know though how captivating glass can be when compared to traditional stone and tile surfaces in the kitchen?

The beauty of glass in design is the many options from bold to neutral that can work with any style from traditional to contemporary to modern home design. There are so many different color options as well as texture and thickness.  Because of the plethora of options, glass backsplashes and glass countertops continue to gain in popularity.

The attributes of glass are numerous being that glass is heat-tolerant, durable and hygienic. The material is also non-porous so it won’t absorb odors or stains and can stand the test of time even when exposed to high temperatures and sunlight.

Glass is a lustrous product that will set the stage for a luminous kitchen that is fresh and inviting.

Glass backsplashes can be fabricated to your specific kitchen just as with the countertops. These can be back painted, frosted, patterned, etc.

Glass acts as a reflective light enhancer to brighten the room, and because the material is so versatile, the possibilities are endless.

And, who doesn’t love a product that is easy and inexpensive to maintain. Not only will you always have a gorgeous kitchen, it will look as good as it functions.

At TBM Glass our commitment to excellence in glass production has kept us going strong for over 50 years. Innovation, success and growth in glass production are the driving force behind our desire to produce the very best products for our clients.