October 18, 2017

Cracked glass has become a popular design feature in recent years. It is a laminated glass normally made from three layers of glass. These layers give strength to the glass allowing it to be used in many applications including glazing and interior partitions.

Because it is strong enough to be used in commercial construction, cracked glass has also become popular in furniture design and glazed panels.

A table will shimmer and sparkle in the sunshine when the light catches and reflects off the cracks and similarly electric or candlelight will highlight the interesting patterns within the cracked glass.

Crackle Glass

During the 16th century glass makers in Venice developed new processes for manufacturing glass. Crackle glass was born with different processes for creation of the glass, but all of them basically involved immersing the glass into cold water while still molten causing the glass to crack. It would then be reheated to seal the cracks and molded or blown to the desired shape.

Crackle glass can be manufactured in many colors and can be molded or blown into many shapes including vases, jugs, plates and lamps to name a few.

The cracked ice effect can be created for countertops, kitchen tables and decorative tables. To spice things up, you can laminate with a color in between the glass to match a room’s decor,

This is simply a stunning and stylish technique using glass by way of presenting it cracked.

To think that the glass has literally been cracked and then held together by more glass and plastic film and can be utilized in any type of scheme from modern to contemporary to traditional design.

The cracked glass effect is ideal for catching the light many interesting and effective ways. It can even make a great focal point in any area of your home.