TBM Glass is and has been at the forefront of the most modern and sophisticated equipment
available on the market today. We continually invest back into our company by buying the best
Italian glass working machines on the market.


  • Autoclave Melco Steel
  • Bavelloni Beveller
  • Bismatic Shaper and Beveller
  • Bovone lamination line
  • Bromer Cutting
  • Bromer Storage System
  • Busetti Drill Press
  • Intermac 33
  • Intermac cutting line
  • Intermac Vertmax 2.6
  • TECGLASS F Type digital glass printing
  • Water Jet

7 years ago TBM installed a water treatment facility.

Why did we do it?
This was a way to conserve water use and at the same time keep our equipment in top working order. TBM is dedicated to quality first and on time delivery. We are cost conscious but not if the expense of giving up the high quality we demand of ourselves.