January 25, 2018

The implementation of glass floors is always an eye-catching design element. Glass shows itself everywhere from windows to drinking glasses to decorative pieces of art, however, walking on a glass walkway certainly breeds an area of mystery for most who step onto one.

With the invention of advanced glass flooring systems, which typically incorporate glass pavers and laminated glass floor panels, the possibility to design distinctive glass floors, bridges and walkways are endless.

These applications are not only architecturally dramatic – but are safe, stylish and engineered to last.

Maximizing light while minimizing structural support is a key component whether you are designing a glass floor to view a wine cellar below or to provide daylighting to the level below. Most designers want to minimize the amount of structural framing needed.

Identifying your style from contemporary to retro, glass flooring systems are designed to use solid glass pavers, hollow glass blocks or even full size glass floor panels. Smaller glass pavers and blocks are used more for retro design while larger glass floor panels provide a sleek contemporary look.

Glass walkways and floors don’t have to be see-through compromising your personal privacy. Consider an obscure etched glass panel, which has the dual benefit of light movement and high privacy.

If you are seeking the dramatic, incorporating LED lighting is the best option. Whether choosing a single or multi-colored LED system, nothing will stand out more in the dark making this area a focal point in any home or office.

At TBM Glass our designers are inspired and committed to produce products of excellence.  We are experts in our industry, and that is the driving force behind our innovation, success and growth in modern glass production and design.