October 18, 2017

Do you have an upcoming design project that requires a railing?

If so, frameless glass railings deliver a sophisticated, modern look that provides safety, durability and beauty. Frameless glass railings are strong panes of glass that act as solid, protective barrier. Frameless glass railings provide a number of benefits over and above traditional railings.

The attributes of frameless glass railings are simple as the finished product itself: safety, appearance and durability.


Frameless glass railings are just as strong as wrought iron railings. They are comprised of thick, tempered glass, which can stand up to just as much pressure and use as any of its competitors. Because they are comprised of solid sheets of tempered glass, there are no open gaps for items or small children to fall through.

This product provides a strong, transparent border that allows for natural light and beauty to flow through your living area or outside deck.

Frameless glass railings provide an amazing level of safety in any area.


Frameless glass railings set the stage for a stylish work of art. Traditional railing materials such as wrought iron or wood have a classical look to them, but in today’s design world consumers are looking for innovative design that makes a statement.


Wrought iron railings can rust and corrode if used outside, and wooden railings can become dulled and weakened. Most railing materials have at least one or two drawbacks that require maintenance or certain types of compensation.

Frameless glass railings, on the other hand, present none of those drawbacks. Because they are made with hardened glass, they can withstand the test of time. The only maintenance required is to invest in a glass cleaner and cloth.

At TBM Glass we have created glass railings for modern stair projects, segmented glass railings for curved stairs and helical stairs to name a few. Our product list is extensive given our length of time in the industry and dedication to excellence in glass production.