March 16, 2018

When designing the bathroom of your dreams, many people likely think of the shower first in their vision of a beautiful bathroom. You might even know exactly how you want the space to look and how you want it to make you feel. We like to think of the shower as the heart of the bathroom.

Anyone can tell you that if the shower is ugly, it can cause you to dislike your bathroom. However, if a shower has all of the design elements and luxuries that you want, the bathroom can be transformed into an oasis of relaxation.

The shower design itself is a key driver for most bathroom remodels.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest mistakes homeowners can make when designing their bathroom is putting off the glass shower enclosure decisions until the end of the project. The tile, hardware and fixtures usually become the starting point when choosing materials. And even though the shower is the catalyst for most bathroom renovations, the new glass shower enclosure itself can be the last on the list of what goes into the bathroom.

The glass shower enclosure is actually a luxury that showcases the elements of interior design. Frameless heavy glass enclosures are a huge design trend because they give the bathroom that spacious, luxury spa-like feeling that homeowners want. Interior designers and homeowners should start with door and work their way in when cultivating the creation of the glass shower.

The glass on a shower enclosure should look like it is a part of the home being custom specific to that specific room. Price is always important, but homeowners should really be looking at the long-term value.