February 16, 2018

How to Utilize Mirrors in Home Design

If you are looking for your space to present the “wow” factor, look no further than custom mirrors. Often people want to use the bold statement of wallpaper or vibrant colors but are not always necessary or even suitable for the space. All you really need to do is simply reflect.

The utilization of mirrors today in home design is not just in the form of home accessories and decoration. Implemented properly mirrors become tools, which can be used in various ways to change the atmosphere of your home as well as adding grandeur, beauty and light to any living area.

We have listed below a few tips on how mirrors can benefit different areas of the home.

Dark rooms often give a sense of less space and crowding. This type of area will benefit greatly from good positioning of a mirror or series of mirrors. One of the best ways to do this is to position a mirror on the opposite wall to a window. The light penetrating the room will be instantly reflected in the mirror and will make the space feel more open and airy. It is really amazing how this simple technique can transform a shaded area.

Some older home interiors were designed with narrow hallways, but can be transformed with a large mirror to open up the area and give a less confined impression.

Try positioning a mirror behind feature lighting and lamps to brighten up dark corners of a room and will in turn diffuse the light around the space.

Installing a mirror that covers the area of a room can open the space dramatically as well as bringing more natural light into a living area.

Be creative. Exuberant and glamorous mirrors can look absolutely stunning and make impressive statements. The same goes for highly modern and contemporary mirrors for those minimal homes.