December 11, 2017

At TBM Glass we are dedicated to excellence in glass production and to operate in an environmentally conscious environment.

Did you know that water is a vital ingredient in glass production?

Glass plants or factories consume a great deal of water, which is a prime requisite and plays an important role in the various stages of manufacturing, washing and cooling and cullet separation and grinding during glass production.

Seven years ago TBM Glass installed a water treatment facility and since that time, our water is recycled!

That is why the water we use to create beautiful glass is 100% recycled.

Our water treatment facility goes further than just allowing us to recycle the water we use when manufacturing. The best part is not only that we are using less water, it helps to keep our equipment in top working order.

TBM continues to host the most modern and sophisticated equipment on the market today by purchasing premier Italian glass working machines. Given that we are using the best machines available today while maintaining them for superior glass production.

At TBM Glass our passion to create the highest quality products with an on time delivery serves as the cornerstone of our business. Our investment in installing a water treatment facility has helped to keep us on the cutting edge in glass production.

At the same time the plant allows us to be an environmentally conscious manufacturer by recycling the water we use and producing gorgeous glass products for our clients to enjoy for years to come.