July 9, 2018

Modernization of Bathrooms and Glass

The utilization of glass in home decor continues to expand. Transparency and bathroom design are two words that have not been commonly combined. However, with creativity and inspiration bathrooms are being unmasked.

The movement toward openness and clarity is on the rise in home design and what better element to achieve this goal than the implementation of glass.

What better way to open up an area with floor-to-ceiling windows, which bring the outdoors into the area and with an abundance of natural light carried in from the outside.

Technology has allowed for the modernization in the aesthetics of bathrooms today. An open design benefits a shower area being that it is a prominent feature in the bathroom. Clarity is key when seeking an appearance of tranquility, and the composition of glass provides the perfect material to achieve this goal.

Shower areas are now becoming more spacious with trends that blend seamlessly with the architecture; floor-level showers for two without frames and no door mechanisms present itself the minimalist in design with almost invisible glass.

Bathrooms are now becoming more personalized and more tranquil in nature. Glass enhances the beauty and blends smoothly with the overall bathroom design such as glass shelves and spray discs whose minimalistic appearance is stunning and impressive.

Glass and water make for a beautiful friendship in designing bathrooms of beauty.