Custom Glass Products


TBM Glass state of the art glass fabrication plant services both the Architectural and Aerospace/Defense industries. Our constant re-investment of capital into new machinery and new technologies has given us a wide range of capabilities that are second to none. Along with your highly trained and experienced staff, we are ready to handle any project and meet your exact specifications.

“Good Product Delivered on Time”


BM Glass’ product list is extensive and we also are able to do custom design pieces for most specifications. Our fabricated products include glass from 1/8″ to 1″ thick and is available in a wide range of colors and finishes. We offer glass in a variety of colors, from clear, low iron, tinted (gray, bronze, green, blue) and a variety of pattern glass.


Aerospace & Defense

TBM Glass’ Aerospace/Defense division, also known as CGM, is a leader in contract manufacturing for the commercial and military aerospace and defense industries. Transparent armor remains our largest selling product, for which we supply components and finished product.

Our Transparent Armor Windows have tested to UL Level 9 in an independent Ballistic test report carried out by independent product verification and qualification testing company, Close Focus Research. We supply components as well as the finished product.

We also manufacture landing lights lenses, lavatory and rear view mirrors, bullet resistant for buildings and other machined glass and ceramics.