January 19, 2018

Along with TBM’s tradition of excellence in glass manufacturing, we employ exacting standards to ensure precision with every product we produce.

 We have numerous certifications within our aerospace division and Transparent Armor Windows division as well as being certified by the Safety Glass Certification Council.

The SGCC is a non-profit corporation that provides for the certification of safety glazing materials since 1971. Manufacturers voluntarily submit their products for testing to an SGCC approved independent testing laboratory to ensure the highest safety standards are being met.

How does that translate to the real world you may be wondering??

All of us on a daily basis enter and exit our homes, places of employment and public buildings. Have you ever given a thought to window glazing safety?

Most of us have not, but that is the job of the SGCC. The SGCC listing and safety label is a visible assurance that safety codes are being upheld while ensuring safe building construction from homes to commercial buildings.

At our headquarters we focus on top-notch quality glass production while staying current and active to maintain our certifications.