January 10, 2018

It has been our mission to be at the forefront of the most modern and sophisticated equipment on the market today.

How do we do this? Italian glass working machines…..

Italian machinery is simply the creme de la creme in glass machinery. They are the leaders in innovation and creativity producing the best machinery on the market worldwide today.

Italian glass working machines are able to keep up with the new trends in automation that are geared toward increasing production and efficiency in glass fabrication.

The glass industry is continually changing, and that is why we invest in premiere Italian machinery that can keep up with today’s ever-changing and demanding market.

Since the year 2000 Italian produced machinery and equipment has had a 23 percent increase in exports. Innovative technology is required to meet today’s marketplace needs. Italian manufacturers simply offer well-planned production processes with efficient and functional machinery. The best part is by combining those aspects with ease-of-use, excellent after-sale service and ample supplies of spare parts, it is clear why Italian glass machinery is in a class of their own.

At TBM Glass we continually invest back into our company to ensure we are on the cutting edge of glass technology allowing us to produce highly sophisticated glass manufactured products for our clients.