May 29, 2018

Back-painted glass is glass that is painted on the back and then sealed or baked. Its color shows through with a depth and glow that is captivating.

This amazing material sets the stage for a dramatic kitchen backsplash that looks luscious and luminous as well as crisp and clean.  The best part is that maintenance is a breeze.

Back-painted glass is also a popular choice for bathroom showers because it eliminates the need for grout and provides an easy-to-clean surface that always looks magnificent. It also functions beautifully as a countertop, tabletop or as an insert in a cabinet door.

Back-painted glass is a durable material that is long lasting in form and function. And, the best part is that material retains its original appearance year after year.

Unlimited color options, color clarity, and extreme durability make back-painted glass a brilliantly beautiful solution for projects large and small.

Back-painted glass products are an easy way to realize virtually unlimited designs, whether for interior wall coverings, furniture, partitions, or standard and sliding doors – both glossy and satin-finish tempered back-painted glass sets the stage for a gorgeous design.

Installation and maintenance are easy thanks to the flat surface of the back-painted glass. With numerous color options to choose from these products offer seamless design integration for individual project needs. The use of back-painted glass enhances space and light making this material the designer’s choice in decorating and designing the interior of homes.