June 8, 2017

Mirror, Mirror…

Using reflective glass when decorating can be decorating magic for the interior decor of a home.

How? Wall mirrors function as looking glasses as they double the view they reflect and most importantly add sparkle to any area.

Best of all mirrors make spaces seem larger, which is a true bonus for smaller rooms.

Placing a mirror where one can see their own reflection in an entry hall, reflect an interesting view of an opposite window, create a focal point over an area such as a mantel are several different ways to use mirrors to your advantage.

Want to lighten up a dark area? That’s right.

Using a mirror can do wonders and don’t forget to make sure that the mirror reflects something interesting.

Wall to wall mirrors creates light and enlarge spaces instantly. Beveled-edged mirrors are heavier and more substantial looking while plain-edged mirrors look especially sleek in contemporary settings.

Decorative glass is an alternative to clear glass as it can provide a darkened, splotched or even antique look for example.

Factoring in mirror glass color into your overall scheme is key. Clear glass reflects only what’s put in front of it, so it’s acceptable in almost any setting. TBM is offering starfire mirrors now with no green cast. It look extremely beautiful in any room.

Colored glass such as metallic, copper or brass as well as the various grays requires a greater understanding of color relationships. Copper glass can also take on a western or lodge look, while grays mirrors can take on a country or beach-house look.

The possibilities are endless in decorating with this magical material that we call reflective glass.