July 19, 2017

The popularity of structural glazing and the use of glass as a structural element are now widely used across all mainstream building projects.

Designing glass to integrate with the interior elements such as railings and stairs are being seen more and more due to the aesthetic appeal of glass. Because of this, laminated and tempered glass are important elements in structural glass design.

Laminated glass and tempered glass are important elements in structural glass design. Due to the growing appeal of using glass as a structural element, demand for tempered and laminated glass is on the rise.

With designers want to veer away from the boxy and to create shapes that provide flow and are softer on the eye. As glass technology has grown and moved forward we often see much more complex implementation. Many times consumers are willing to pay a premium for a custom-designed facade to stay ahead of the curve.

Everyone loves glass because of the transparency, and its ability to bring in the natural light. It provides a feeling openness while increasing visibility. Try to name another material that can do that. You will probably fall short in answering that.

The utilization of glass adds value to our lives, and that is why the glass industry continues to grow so rapidly. This is why we have seen a growing number of landmarks featuring transparent design. Large glass sheets and new fixing systems are enabling designs with almost full transparency.

The unique aspect about glass is that it carries with it air of mystery to see what comes next in the implementation of design using glass.

Stay tuned…..